Ivan Andrus committed f464a70

Made C-c C-z run sage (like python-mode)

Fixes part of #40

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File emacs/sage-mode.el

     (define-key map [(control c) (control j)] 'sage-send-doctest)
     (define-key map [(control c) (control t)] 'sage-test)
     (define-key map [(control c) (control b)] 'sage-build)
+    (define-key map [(control c) (control z)] 'run-sage)
     (define-key map [(control h) (control f)] 'ipython-describe-symbol)
     (define-key map [(control h) (control g)] 'sage-find-symbol-other-window)
 	 (run-sage nil sage-command t)
 ;; Use our version of python-proc (even though I have my doubts)
 ;; for the new fgallina python.el
 (defun python-shell-internal-get-or-create-process ()