Support python.el by fgallina

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Ivan Andrus repo owner created an issue

Since [[|fgallina's python.el]] is [[|going to be in GNU Emacs]] fairly soon we have to support it. While most regressions from the current python.el are going to be treated as bugs, I suspect there will be some places we have to change.

It would be great if we had some automated tests that we could run to ensure there are no regressions in sage-mode.

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  1. NicholasKirchner

    I've submitted a feature request for the "python-source-modes" variable at fgallina's python.el github page.

  2. Ivan Andrus reporter

    I worked on this some and made some progress, but there are still a ton of byte-compiler warnings in sage-mode.el about obsolete variables. Apart from that, the following files have problems that will definitely need to be fixed. I have not done any testing yet.

    sage-test.el gives

    In end of data:
    sage-test.el:310:1:Warning: the following functions are not known to be defined:
        python-in-string/comment, python-beginning-of-string

    pyrex-mode.el gives

    In end of data:
    pyrex-mode.el:209:1:Warning: the following functions are not known to be defined:
        python-beginning-of-statement, python-comment-line-p,
        python-in-string/comment, python-open-block-statement-p,
        python-beginning-of-block, python-beginning-of-defun,
  3. Ivan Andrus reporter

    I added sage-in-string/comment, sage-beginning-of-string fixing the problems in sage-test and now have (with minimal testing) inferior sage mode working. pyrex-mode is still completely broken.

  4. Ivan Andrus reporter

    I've been using it with with new python.el for long enough that I think this bug is no longer needed.

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