sage-command variable value as void in sage-load.el

Issue #25 resolved
Greg Laun
created an issue

I'm not sure whether this issue is specific to my setup, but I've made as good a search into the matter as I can without understanding much about Lisp.

When I get to the (require 'sage "sage") line in my .emacs file, I get an error saying that the symbol sage-command's value as a variable is void. I've traced this error to a line in sage-load.el (line 102 in my sage-load.el) that says

(eval-after-load (quote org-latex) (quote (sage-org-latex-setup)))

A workaround I found is to add a line at the top of sage-load.el that defines sage-command to point to the sage binary.

Also, I'll just add that I've been using sage-mode since .7 and the rate at which issues are being created and fixed these days is amazing. Thanks to everyone working on this right now.

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  1. Ivan Andrus repo owner

    I uploaded a new spkg so that you can test that it was fixed. You can install it with

    sage -f ''
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