Cosmetic enhancements to online help under emacs_mode

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Dear all,

The current behaviour of the online help is as follows : foo.<Enter> brings the (colorized) text of the nline help in a buffer named Help (which is displayed in another window) and the undecorated text in tke Sage windows. This second display somewhat clutters the Sage session.

In contrast, ESS offers the following behaviour for R online help : ?foo<Enter> creates a new buffer called HelpR and displays it in another window. The R buffer receives just te next prompt.

I see two advantages to this kind of behaviour :the R session is unclutterd by request to the help system, and more than one command online documentation can be consulted at the same time.

This behaviour might be of some use for Sage.

Another (very cosmetic) enhanceent would be the ability to ope a browser window in the onlipe help tree of the machine serving the Sage session. This possible in the notebook mode, and quite useful there.


                                                           Emmanuel Charpentier

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