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% TODO: resize the whole picture to scale it -- easyish
% TODO: determine how it was specified so that I can match it exactly
% TODO: use the name/label somehow
% TODO: make it work for lines, etc.


Hello world, how are you?

  % We can even pass ordinary styles to the node:
  \advinode{x=15,y=15}[red,draw] {A};
  \advinode{x=7.9492,y=7.1343}[circle,fill=blue!50] {B};
  \advinode{x=11.0818,y=4.2996} {C};
  \advinode{x=9.8302,y=14.9569} {D};
  \advinode{x=3.0771,y=10.9318} {E};
  \advinode{x=1.8567,y=7.5898} {F};
  \advinode{x=11.8097,y=9.6697} {G};
  \advinode{x=15.2167,y=8.2558} {H};
  \advinode{x=20.5816,y=-0.7584} {I};
  \advinode{x=3.3900,y=2.6800} {J};
  % \node[advi=bob]{x};

  % \node[ADVI] at (8.2663,11.5483) {y};

  \draw (0,0) rectangle (20,20);

  \node[ADVI,/tikz/at={(4.6286,2.1118)}] {x};
  \node[circle,fill=red!60,ADVI={type=macro}] at (2.681,-\y) {y};
  \node[circle,fill=red!60,ADVI={type=macro}] at (2.98259,18.60109) {yy};

  \draw[ADVI] (1,1) -- (2,2) node{z} -- (3,1);

  % \node[ADVI] at (2.6817,-0.5) {y};


 Why am I off now, yo?