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#if 0

#include <common/Data.h>
#include "Decoder.h"

#include <FLAC++/decoder.h>
#include <string.h>

namespace love
namespace sound
namespace lullaby
	class FLACDecoder : public Decoder, public FLAC::Decoder::Stream
			int pos;

			FLACDecoder(Data * data, const std::string & ext, int bufferSize);

			static bool accepts(const std::string &ext);
			love::sound::Decoder *clone();
			int decode();
			bool seek(float s);
			bool rewind();
			bool isSeekable();
			int getChannels() const;
			int getBits() const;
			int getSampleRate() const;

			//needed for FLAC
			FLAC__StreamDecoderReadStatus read_callback(FLAC__byte buffer[], size_t *bytes);
			FLAC__StreamDecoderSeekStatus seek_callback(FLAC__uint64 offset);
			FLAC__StreamDecoderTellStatus tell_callback(FLAC__uint64 *offset);
			FLAC__StreamDecoderLengthStatus length_callback(FLAC__uint64 *length);
			bool eof_callback();
			FLAC__StreamDecoderWriteStatus write_callback(const FLAC__Frame *frame, const FLAC__int32 *const buffer[]);
			void metadata_callback(const FLAC__StreamMetadata *metadata);
			void error_callback(FLAC__StreamDecoderErrorStatus status);
	}; // Decoder

} // lullaby
} // sound
} // love

#endif // 0