selove / src / modules / font / ImageRasterizer.cpp

The default branch has multiple heads

Author Commit Message Labels Comments Date
Bill Meltsner avatarBill Meltsner
Happy New Year, have an enormous diff
Bart van Strien avatarBart van Strien
Automated formatting fix
Bill Meltsner avatarBill Meltsner
brutally murdered padding and predefined glyph loading
Bill Meltsner avatarBill Meltsner
bringing in the new year by changing every 2010 to 2011
Bill Meltsner avatarBill Meltsner
hopefully padded fonts so that people with crappy graphics cards can still see them - this needs testing, though
Default avatar
Added mutexes to the GC and made tip buildable again on linux
Bill Meltsner avatarBill Meltsner
did a bunch of other stuff, sorry about the monolithic changeset but the diffs should be understandable enough
Bill Meltsner avatarBill Meltsner
Overhauled ImageRasterizer, fixed a bunch of other crap, getting ready to poke around in
Bill Meltsner avatarBill Meltsner
fixed a ridiculous number of gcc warnings, nearly all of which were complaints about unused parameters - the remaining 199 warnings I get are from code that isn't ours (box2d is responsible for all but 8 of them)
Bill Meltsner avatarBill Meltsner
fixed a bug in ImageRasterizer's constructor where it wasn't using the ImageData passed to it
Default avatar rude
Updated all dates to 2010.
Default avatar rude
Updated love.font, and added Glyph object in
Default avatar michaee
Added basic (unfinished and untested) font module.
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