selove / src / modules / graphics / opengl / PixelEffect.h

The default branch has multiple heads

Author Commit Message Labels Comments Date
vrld avatarvrld
Add (issue #372) -- thanks, slime73!
Bart van Strien avatarBart van Strien
Manually keep track of bound textures, so we don't have to poll each frame
Bill Meltsner avatarBill Meltsner
Happy New Year, have an enormous diff
vrld avatarvrld
Add missing license headers.
vrld avatarvrld
Issue #327 again: w__gc's correctness depending on order of inheritance.
vrld avatarvrld
Fix 3/4 of issue #327: memory allocation issues.
vrld avatarvrld
Add GLSL version number check to PixelEffect::isSupported()
vrld avatarvrld
Add uniform cache in pixel effect. Remove a compiler warning and debug output.
vrld avatarvrld
Fix issue #292: Can't send arrays to pixeleffects.
vrld avatarvrld
Rename Framebuffer to Canvas (issue #263). Move error reporting code.
Default avatar vrld
Add missing files
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