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#include <Box2D/Common/b2Settings.h>

const int32 b2_stackSize = 100 * 1024;	// 100k
const int32 b2_maxStackEntries = 32;

struct b2StackEntry
	char* data;
	int32 size;
	bool usedMalloc;

// This is a stack allocator used for fast per step allocations.
// You must nest allocate/free pairs. The code will assert
// if you try to interleave multiple allocate/free pairs.
class b2StackAllocator

	void* Allocate(int32 size);
	void Free(void* p);

	int32 GetMaxAllocation() const;


	char m_data[b2_stackSize];
	int32 m_index;

	int32 m_allocation;
	int32 m_maxAllocation;

	b2StackEntry m_entries[b2_maxStackEntries];
	int32 m_entryCount;