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Update README to reference lp:python-fastimport rather than Greg's pyfastimport.

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 hg-fastimport requires Mercurial 1.3.
-hg-fastimport depends on the pyfastimport library (which was extracted
-from bzr-fastimport).  pyfastimport lives on at
+hg-fastimport depends on the python-fastimport library (which was extracted
+from bzr-fastimport).  python-fastimport lives on at
-Alternately, I maintain a Mercurial mirror of pyfastimport, so you can
-just use Mercurial to get the code:
-  hg clone
-To make the 'fastimport' package provided by pyfastimport available
-to hg-fastimport, you need to add the pyfastimport directory to
+To make the 'fastimport' package provided by python-fastimport available
+to hg-fastimport, you need to add the python-fastimport directory to
-(Yes, this should get simpler in future: right now, both pyfastimport
-and hg-fastimport are under active development, so things are a bit
-messy.  Bear with me.)
+It should also be possible to install python-fastimport from cheeshop:
+ $ easy_install install python-fastimport
+And most Linux distributions have it packaged.