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 To use it with bash, just call it in PS1:
-  PS1='\u@\h:\w $(vcprompt)\$'
+  PS1='\u@\h $(vcprompt)\$ '
 To use it with zsh, you need to enable shell option PROMPT_SUBST, and
 then do similarly to bash:
-Set shell variable
-to run
+Use command substitution to include the output of
 .B vcprompt
-every time bash generates the prompt. For example, add
+in your prompt. For example, add
 .in +2m
-PROMPT_COMMAND='vcprompt -f "[%b] "'
+if [ "$PS1" ]; then
+  PS1='\u@\h $(vcprompt -f "[%b]")\$ '
 .in -2m
-(with your preferred format string) to
 .I ~/.bashrc.
-.B PS1
-as normal. This means that
-.B vcprompt
-output will always come first.
+You can of course use all of bash's prompt escape sequences; the above
+is just an example.
 Enable the
 .in +2m
 if [ -n "$PROMPT" ]; then
   setopt prompt_subst
-  PROMPT='$(vcprompt -f "[%b] ")$ '
+  PROMPT='%n@%m $(vcprompt -f "[%b]")$ '
 .in -2m
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