Greg Ward avatar Greg Ward committed 7af83bf

Clarify timeout-related help and output a smidge.
Also rename msalarm() to set_alarm(), because that's what it does.

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             case 'h':
-                printf("usage: %s [-h] [-d] [-t ms_timeout] [-f FORMAT]\n", argv[0]);
+                printf("usage: %s [-h] [-d] [-t timeout_ms] [-f FORMAT]\n", argv[0]);
                 printf("FORMAT (default=\"%s\") may contain:\n%s",
                 " %b  show branch\n"
 exit_on_alarm(int sig)
-    printf("[unknown:timeout]");
+    printf("[timeout]");
 unsigned int
-msalarm(unsigned int milliseconds)
+set_alarm(unsigned int milliseconds)
     struct itimerval old, new;
     new.it_interval.tv_usec = 0;
     if (options.timeout) {
         debug("will timeout after %d ms", options.timeout);
-        msalarm(options.timeout);
+        set_alarm(options.timeout);
     } else {
         debug("will never timeout");
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