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Make TOOLPATH work for all tools.

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 Obviously, this requires that you have valgrind installed.
-Testing different Subversion versions
+Testing multiple versions of the same tool
 Subversion changes its working copy format every couple of years, so
 vcprompt supports three formats: the pre-1.4 XML format, the 1.4..1.6
 1.5, so vcprompt's support for pre-1.4 working copies is currently
+TOOLPATH is supported for all tools; I also keep multiple versions of
+Mercurial around, so I can test vcprompt against them:
+  rm -f tests/hg-repo.tar && make check-svn TOOLPATH=/usr/local/mercurial-2.4/bin
+  rm -f tests/hg-repo.tar && make check-svn TOOLPATH=/usr/local/mercurial-2.5/bin
+  [...etc...]
 # Prepend $TOOLPATH to $PATH (if $TOOLPATH set), so caller can
-# influence where external tools (e.g. svn, hg) are found. Must be
-# called before check_available if it's to be of any use.
+# influence where external tools (e.g. svn, hg) are found. Called
+# automatically when you include this file.
     if [ -s "$TOOLPATH" ]; then
 	exit 0
 . ./
 check_available "svn --version" "svn, version "
 set -ex
 cd `dirname $`
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