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Greg Ward  committed e0b3c95

Include configure script in source tarball.
- add "make dist" target and dist/ directory
- update release process

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 	install -d $(BINDIR) $(MANDIR)
 	install vcprompt $(BINDIR)
 	install vcprompt.1 $(MANDIR)
+.PHONY: dist
+dist: configure
+	[ "$$ver" ] || (echo "\$$ver not set" >&2; exit 1)
+	hg archive -r $$ver -t files -X ".hg*" dist/vcprompt-$$ver
+	install -m 0755 configure dist/vcprompt-$$ver/configure
+	(cd dist && tar -czf vcprompt-$$ver.tar.gz vcprompt-$$ver)
+	rm -rf dist/vcprompt-$$ver

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 * tag the release and build the source tarball
     hg tag $ver
-    hg archive -r $ver -t tgz -X ".hg*" /tmp/vcprompt-$ver.tar.gz
+    make dist ver=$ver
 * test the tarball locally
+    cp dist/vcprompt-$ver.tar.gz /tmp
     cd /tmp
     tar -xzf vcprompt-$ver.tar.gz
     cd vcprompt-$ver
+    ./configure
     make grind
 * copy to at least one different machine and test there