Is it possible to put the branch name in a different color than the status somehow?

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Erik Terpstra
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  1. Greg Ward repo owner

    Probably. Patches are welcome!

    (If you want a feature, I'm afraid you're going to have to implement it. See the "contributing" section of README.txt.)

  2. Martin Goldhahn

    It is not necessary to implement this in vcprompt. You add colors to the format string and let the shell do the color conversion like this:

    DEFAULT="[33;00m" GREEN="[32;50m" ORANGE="[33;40m" PINK="[35;40m"

    PS1='\W $(vcprompt -f "[\e${PINK}%n\e${DEFAULT}:\e${ORANGE}%b\e${DEFAULT}:%m]\e${DEFAULT}")\n$ '

    This shows the VCS name in pink and the branch in orange

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