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Issue #6 resolved

vcprompt with mercurial modified and untracked not working

Geoff Lane
created an issue

In a mercurial repository using Hg 2.5.2 on Mac OS X 10.8.2 running command: vcprompt -f %u%m returns nothing regardless of the status of the repository (modified and untracked files).

Debugging gives: vcprompt: debug: will never timeout vcprompt: debug: failed to stat() '.git': No such file or directory vcprompt: debug: found a context vcprompt: debug: error opening '.hg/bookmarks.current': No such file or directory vcprompt: debug: read first line from .hg/branch: 'default'

Built vcprompt from Mac OS Homebrew

Comments (4)

  1. Greg Ward repo owner

    Known limitation. From the man page:

           vcprompt considers the current directory a Mercurial (hg)  working  dir
           if directory .hg exists.
           Format specifiers %u and %m are not implemented.

    Patches are welcome. It's not trivial to do this efficiently, i.e. by reimplementing the required bits of hg in-process. Probably not worth the trouble. I might accept a patch that spawns "hg status", now that we have timeouts. But there are probably better/faster ways to do it too.

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