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#12 Declined

Added support for modern git submodules

  1. Mark Aufflick

Modern versions of git no longer put a .git directory in submodules, instead there is a .git regular text file that contains a relative path to where the .git dir can be found (inside the .git/submodules of the root repo).

I'm afraid I haven't looked at what tests etc. might need to be modified if you do want to merge this in.

Comments (3)

  1. Greg Ward repo owner

    "Modern" is a bit vague. Would be nice to know which git version made the change, so we can test with "old" and "new" git.

    Tests are essential. From README:

    • If at all possible, add a test whenever you fix a bug or implement a feature. If you can write a test that has no dependencies (e.g. no need to execute "git" or "hg" or whatever), add it to tests/test-simple. Otherwise, add it to the appropriate VC-specific test script, e.g. tests/test-git if it needs to be able to run git.

    Off-the-cuff, I'd lean towards adding tests to tests/test-simple: don't actually use git, just setup a fake little git working dir with a submodule. That way you can fake up the "old" way and the "new" way, and both code paths get tested without needing old and new versions of git around. I could be wrong on this, but give it a shot. Lots of examples in tests/test-simple.

    I can't remember how nul-safe read_first_line() is. It's in common.c. A second pair of eyes on that code would be a good thing (hint! hint!).

  2. Greg Ward repo owner

    Any update here? I don't like leaving pull requests open for too long, so please let me know if you are working on tests for this, or have abandoned it. Thanks.