vcprompt / tests / setup-fossil

Full commit

# Setup the test fossil repository that will be used by test-fossil.
# Output is fossil-repo, which will be unpacked for each test run.

. ./

check_available "fossil version" "This is fossil"
set -ex
cd `dirname $0`
rm -rf fossil-repo
fossil init -A alice fossil-repo
fossil user default alice -R fossil-repo
rm -fr fossil-work
mkdir fossil-work
cd fossil-work
fossil open ../fossil-repo

echo a > a
echo b > b
fossil add a b
fossil commit -m "add a, b"

mkdir .fossil-settings
cat > .fossil-settings/ignore-glob <<EOF
fossil add .fossil-settings/ignore-glob
fossil commit -m "add ignore-glob"

echo fix >> b
fossil commit --branch stable -m "fix a bug"

fossil checkout trunk

cd ..
rm -rf fossil-work