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documentation tweak for rule fixture mods

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      ordf.readers = fuxi,pairtree
      ordf.writers = fuxi,rabbit
-     fuxi.args = rules.n3
+     fuxi.args = ordf.vocab.rdfs
      pairtree.args = /some/where/data/pairtree
      rabbit.hostname = localhost
      rabbit.userid = guest
 The *fuxi* handler is an instance of :class:`ordf.handler.fuxi.FuXiReasoner` and
 expects an already complete store containing one or more changesets and one or
 more up-to-date graphs that they modify. The *fuxi.args* is a comma-separated
-list of files containing inferencing rules in N3 format as described in the
-:ref:`inference-rules` section of this manual.
+list of modules that export a :meth:`inference_rules` method that return rules
+appropriate to that module. See the :ref:`inference-rules` section of this
 When *fuxi* receives the store in its :meth:`~ordf.handler.fuxi.FuXiReasoner.put`
 method it runs a production rule engine on all of the graphs that are not