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move bnode hack into virtuoso repo
... debugging information in fresnel
... prevent loops in bnc method on graph

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         arguments are passed to the constructor for the new graph.
         result = Graph(*av, **kw)
+        log = __import__("logging").getLogger(__name__)
         for s,p,o in self.triples(triple):
-            if isinstance(o, BNode):
+            if isinstance(o, BNode) and (o, None, None) not in result:
                 result += self.bnc((o, None, None))
         return result
 __all__ = ["BNode", "Identifier", "Literal", "Node", "URIRef", "Variable"]
-    from rdflib.term import BNode as _BNode, Identifier, Literal, Node, URIRef, Variable
+    from rdflib.term import BNode, Identifier, Literal, Node, URIRef, Variable
 except ImportError:
-    from rdflib import URIRef, BNode as _BNode, Literal, Variable
+    from rdflib import URIRef, BNode, Literal, Variable
     from rdflib.Identifier import Identifier
     from rdflib.Node import Node
-from time import time
-from random import choice, seed
-from string import ascii_letters, digits
-class BNode(_BNode):
-    def __new__(cls, value=None, *av, **kw):
-        if value is None:
-            value = choice(ascii_letters) + \
-                "".join(choice(ascii_letters+digits) for x in range(7))
-        return _BNode(value, *av, **kw)


 from ordf.term import Literal, URIRef, BNode
 from datetime import datetime
+log = __import__("logging").getLogger(__name__)
 class Lens(Graph):
             hideProperties = Collection(self, hideProperties)
             hideProperties = list(hideProperties)
         subProperties = []
         for prop in properties:
             if isinstance(prop, BNode) and, RDF["type"], FRESNEL["PropertyDescription"])):
         elem = ET.Element("div")
         css = ["fresnel_resource"]
+        log.debug("    Resource: %s" % resource)
         if isinstance(resource, URIRef):
             uri = ET.Element("div")
             uri.set("class", "fresnel_resource_uri")
         return self.stylesheets, elem
     def formatProperty(self, graph, lens, format, resource, property):
+        log.debug("      Property: %s" % property)
+        log.debug("      Format: %s" % format)
         elem = ET.Element("div")
         css, styles = format.propertyStyles
         self._compiled = True
         for l in self.distinct_subjects(RDF["type"], FRESNEL["Lens"]):
+            log.debug("Compile: %s" % l)
             lens = Lens(fresnel=self, identifier=l) 
             lens += self.bnc((l, None, None))
             self.lenses[l] = lens
+            log.debug("XXX\n%s" % lens.serialize(format="n3"))
             for cls in lens.objects(l, FRESNEL["classLensDomain"]):
                 self.classLenses[cls] = lens
             for cls in lens.objects(l, FRESNEL["instanceLensDomain"]):
         else: lenses = self.lenses
         for lens_uri in lenses:
+            log.debug("Lens: %s" % lens_uri)
             lens = self.lenses.get(lens_uri)
             if lens is None:
             for typ in lens.distinct_objects(lens.identifier, FRESNEL["classLensDomain"]):
+                log.debug("    Type: %s" % typ)
                 resources = list(graph.distinct_subjects(RDF["type"], typ))
                 for resource in resources: