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+Layercake RDFLib with ORDF
+Layercake is a branch of rdflib used at the Cleveland Clinic
+with FuXi. Amongst other things it has some support for remote
+SPARQL stores (relevant to `ticket 105`_). Some additional
+information is available from the `wiki page explaining layercake`_
+and the `layercake message on FuXi discuss`_.
+.. _ticket 105:
+.. _wiki page explaining layercake:
+.. _layercake message on FuXi discuss:
+Installation recipe
+Before following the usual install procedure, do::
+    pip install pyparsing
+    pip install -e svn+
+And then for example,::
+    pip install hg+
+    pip install -e hg+
+    pip instlal -e hg+