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get rid of hardcoded handler names in Handler.query

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         :param q: the query
-        if hasattr(self, "fourstore"):
-            return self.fourstore.query(q, initNs=namespaces)
-        elif hasattr(self, "rdflib"):
-            #prefixes = ["PREFIX %s: <%s>" % (k, namespaces[k]) for k in namespaces]
-            #q = "\n".join(prefixes) + "\n" + q
-            return self.rdflib.query(q)
-        elif hasattr(self, "surf"):
-            return
-        else:
-            raise AttributeError("No SPARQL Implementations")
+        for h in self.__readers__:
+            if hasattr(h, "query"):
+                return h.query(q)
+        raise AttributeError("No SPARQL Implementations")
     def transaction(self):
         for h in self.__writers__:
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