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add example of graph with inferred triples

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 data intensive if the ontology is complex and there are lots of facts that
 can be inferred.
+The call to *network.reset()* causes the Rete network to add inferred
+facts to the data graph. the *setupDescriptionLogicProgramming* transforms
+the ontology into Horn rules and the *feedFactsToAdd* passes all of the 
+known facts that exist in the data graph through the network. The result
+is that *data* now contains::
+    @prefix ex: <>.
+    @prefix rdf: <>.
+    @prefix rdfs: <>.
+    ex:edinburgh a ex:City,
+            ex:Place;
+        rdfs:label "Edinburgh";
+        ex:country ex:scotland. 
+    ex:scotland a ex:Country,
+            ex:Place;
+        rdfs:label "Scotland". 
 The second strategy is backward chaining and is a little more complex to
 set up. The advantage is that any required facts that are not explicitly
 in the data graph are computed on the fly so don't take up extra disk