ordf / .hgtags

c9845211a716e8c601ea244f56f8965a37177e61 0.6
a723b1ed2056060170c90c5a7056560cf5be6938 0.6.1
7fa0b7c16d66597a74a1c5874d9e4136f8334e3b 0.6.2
b96dccd77248ba293aef1b0d3f330746abec59cd 0.6.3
e3e9e16038e25f170a4cbfc0847f20056204c83b 0.6.4
fe3bb933f680663df3a418af5208b438d673b006 0.6.5
0fcb167039651fdf7c42e60771b07c1c499c4ef8 0.7
2e18815ac197a8551240491982f7d55f8b93e9ba 0.7.1
cb65c045e874091c8539e89008c2b8a6ce226594 0.8
eb7b71113d90ff90be2dba68e9ca2a0ab739e2ed 0.9
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