Brendan Cully  committed 086224c

fseed: make pathalias default to "default"

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     snapshot(ui, toprepo, doit, pathalias)
-def seed(ui, snapshot, pathalias, **opts):
+def seed(ui, snapshot, pathalias='default', **opts):
     """Populate a forest according to a snapshot file."""
     cfg = ConfigParser.RawConfigParser()
           ('', 'root', '',
            _("Create root as well as children under <root>"))] +
          cmd_options('clone', remove=('r',)),
-         _('hg fseed [OPTIONS] SNAPSHOT-FILE PATH-ALIAS')),
+         _('hg fseed [OPTIONS] SNAPSHOT-FILE [PATH-ALIAS]')),
     "fsnap" :
         (snapshot, [],
          'hg fsnap [SNAPSHOT-FILE]'),