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Fix fclone on 1.7 servers.

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 sshserver.sshserver.do_hello = _sshserver_do_hello
+    from mercurial import wireproto
+except KeyError:
+    pass
+    # hg >= 1.7
+    _old_caps = wireproto.capabilities
+    def _forest_caps(*args, **kwargs):
+        caps = _old_caps(*args, **kwargs)
+        caps += ' forests'
+        return caps
+    wireproto.capabilities = _forest_caps
+    def do_forests(repo, proto, walkhg):
+        forests = repo.forests(bool(walkhg))
+        return "\n".join(forests)
+    wireproto.commands['forests'] = (do_forests, 'walkhg')
 def _sshserver_do_forests(self):
     """Shim this function into the sshserver so that it responds to
     the forests command.  It gives a list of roots relative to the
     self.repo repository, sorted lexigraphically.
+    # hg < 1.7
     key, walkhg = self.getarg()
     forests = self.repo.forests(bool(walkhg))
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