Honeeebox project, GSOC 2012 repo

To pull in the external deps, run

$ git submodule init
$ git submodule update

for future updates, only the second command is needed

Then edit 


and rename it to local.conf

You need to add your hpfeeds keys to this file.

Then to run the whole setup, 

$ cd vagrant/vm
$ vagrant up

To log into the VM

$ vagrant ssh

the repo itself will be mounted within the VM at /repo

VM is Ubuntu Precise, 64 bit, generated by AJC using the scripts at

It's advisable to watch the logs for hbbackend


to see that everything starts up correctly.

To start the webui in development mode, run


This will run the webserver on port 8080 of the VM.

If you are using the default Vagrant setup, you can access this from localhost:8080

As part of, you'll have been asked to create a user and password. Using this user, you'll need to go to


to set up the ident -> group mappings. First, create a group, add your user to a group, and then give that group access to the sensor IDs required. 

Once that is done, you should be able to go to 


and use the UI.

To run it in production, use a standard django setup instead.