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File vagrant/backend/README

 VM is Ubuntu Precise, 64 bit, generated by AJC using the scripts at
-To start the back end for the first time, deploy the modules,
+To start the back end for the first time, the modules must be deployed. Run the script
-cd /repo/hbbackend
-asadmin --port 9948 deploy hbbackend/target/modules/org.honeynet.hbbackend.hpfeedsra.rar
-asadmin --port 9948 deploy hbbackend/target/modules/org.honeynet.hbbackend.hpfeeds.jar
-and watch the logs, that it connects correctly.
+in the VM.
+It's advisable to watch the logs
+to see that everything starts up correctly.
-If want to re-compile the code, run
-$ /opt/honeynet/bin/
-in the VM.

File vagrant/puppet/modules/backend/files/opt/honeynet/bin/

+#!/bin/sh -e
+cd /repo/hbbackend
+asadmin --port 9948 deploy target/modules/org.honeynet.hbbackend.hpfeedsra.rar
+asadmin --port 9948 deploy target/modules/org.honeynet.hbbackend.hpfeeds.jar

File vagrant/puppet/modules/backend/files/opt/honeynet/bin/

+#!/bin/sh -e
+asadmin --port 9948 undeploy org.honeynet.hbbackend.hpfeedsra.rar
+asadmin --port 9948 undeploy org.honeynet.hbbackend.hpfeeds.jar