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Yet Another Auto Brightness

This is a small custom brightness regulator application for Android devices. The idea is to make screens of old devices like HTC Desire dimmer, as dim as possible. Of course HTC Sense on Desire has auto brightness feature, but average brightness level set by Sense is pretty much higher than needed for comfortable work.

For people who use their devices for reading books, emails, texting, etc. this kind of application would allow to save up to 30% of battery.

Please read How it works about pros and cons of the app.

Version 1.4 introduced significant improvement of service vitality under heavy memory shortage.

Since 1.9.5 the app isn't beta any longer.

The following interface languages supported:

If you would like to contribute translations into any other language or fix anything in our existing translations please submit Pull Request with appropriate values-XX/strings.xml. Or just create a new issue in the tracker with your suggestions.

Here is YAAB on the Market. APK files are also available in the Downloads section, both Google Play version and current development version (if any).