STM32VLDiscovery for Linux

There is a template STM32VLDiscovery project for Linux.

Unlike other similar projects, there are:

  • You don't need Keil
  • You don't need IAR
  • You don't need Eclipse or Eclipse-based IDE
  • You don't need any another IDE!

All what you need - is a blank console, emacs or vim for source code editing and other dependencies:

  • Cross-compiler (arm-none-eabi-gcc, the same gdb and etc). You should use gcc-arm-none-eabi and gdb-arm-none-eabi packages if you are user of Debian-based distro.
  • stlink utility ( - to load binary to the STM32VLDiscovery board.
  • make
  • sudo
  • Development files for SG utils (install libsgutils2-dev for Debian-based distributives or sg3-utils for Gentoo-based).

Compiling the project

To compile project - just execute make in console.

Loading project to STM32VLDiscovery

Just type make load in console and follow instructions on the screen. If something is missing - my script will help you with dependencies.