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Made the wording around ctrace less offensive.

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 h1. Why ?
 Why would anyone create anything like this ? The rendering times are terrible, code is harder to write... but I think it's a nice demonstration of metaprogramming in D.
-Ok, ok, I'm just a pervert and I love raping the D compiler.
+Ok, ok, I'm just a pervert and I love abusing the D compiler.
 h1. How ?


 I am currently employed at The Creative Assembly, and work as a graphics programmer on Alien: Isolation. If you'd like to join us, drop me a line; "we're hiring!":
-I sometimes post random screenshots of path-tracers and real-time graphics on my "twitter":
+I sometimes post random screenshots of path-tracers, real-time graphics, and cake on my "twitter":, as well as "here":img/.
 "Here":code/ is a list containing some of the stuff I've been involved in, and "this page":pub/msc.html contains my MSc thesis about pretty real-time pixels.