gm100 (generation 100 maps)

This code generates simulated full-sky polarization maps of LiteBIRD.
By using different random seeds, 100 different maps are generated for
each 15 bands. So 100 * 15 bands = 1500 fits files will be generated.


This code is written by python, and needs the following packages.
Versions of those that it is known to work with are:

    - python 2.7.10
    - healpy 1.10.1     
    - numpy 1.11.2
    - pyfits 3.3


To run the code, in the directory containing main.py run:

    > python main.py [your_config_name.ini]

[...] is option. Without input, "config.ini" is read.
Output maps will be in './Output/'.
And 100 npy files will be generated at the same time at
'./Output/check/' to check if generated cmb is equal to
what we expect. 
You can check by running:

	> python check_cmb.py

If you see 'complete' on console just before the end of
run, CMB maps will be genrated as expected.


If you need to generate foreground by your settings,
you run:

	> python ./gmFG/main_fg.py [your_config_fg_name.ini]

[...] is option. Without input, "config_fg.ini" is read.
then, you'll get foreground maps at ./gmFG/output_fg/


If you execute gm100 and gmFG at the same time,
please rewrite config.ini as

	generate_foreground = True
	config = fg_config_your_settings.ini

and run gm100. Then gm100 config and gmFG config are
checked whether they have the same parameter.