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-2a369433122603278cb3a6c4b71642cc92206b74 example_blaag
+ae1dffaf096434ce620bc69991e7537cec63f18c example_blaag
 from genshi.template import TemplateLoader
 from genshi.core import Markup
+TOPICS_RE = re.compile("^\s+\.\.\s+topics:(.*)$")
 class Config(object):
     def __init__(self, path, defaults):
         self.config_parser = SafeConfigParser()
     for entry in entries:
         with open(os.path.join(entries_path, entry)) as source:
             parts = get_data("utf-8"))
+            #[ for x in ]
             if not use_filename:
                 entry_timeinfo = get_entry_dates(entry, entries_path)


       <div class="blurbs">
+        <a href='/rss.xml' class='menu_link centered'>RSS Feed</a>
         <span py:if="blurbs">
-        <a href='/rss.xml' class='menu_link centered'>RSS Feed</a>
       <div class='blog'>
         <article py:for="article in articles" id="$article.article_id" class="blog box">
-        <footer py:if="footer" class="page">
+       <footer py:if="footer" class="page">
           <p class="fineprint">$footer</p>
       <nav class="blogs">
         <a href='/' class='menu_link'>- index -</a>
         <a py:for="article in all_articles" href='$article.article_url' class='menu_link'>$article.article_title</a>
     <!-- Add JavaScript after this point, it makes the page load faster when client does not need to interpret JS at start -->
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