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File gitapi/

         super(GitException, self).__init__(msg)
         self.exit_code = exit_code
 class Revision(object):
     """A representation of a revision.
     Available fields are::
         """Returns true if self.node == other.node"""
         return self.node == other.node
 class Repo(object):
     """A representation of a Mercurial repository"""
     def __init__(self, path, user=None):
             raise GitException("Error running %s:\n\tErr: %s\n\tOut: %s\n\tExit: %s" 
                             % (cmd,err,out,proc.returncode), exit_code=proc.returncode)
         return out
     def git_command(self, *args):
         """Run a git command on this repo and return the result.
         Throws on error."""