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Added optional user to repo

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 class Repo(object):
     """A representation of a Mercurial repository"""
-    def __init__(self, path):
+    def __init__(self, path, user=None):
         """Create a Repo object from the repository at path"""
         self.path = path
         self.cfg = False
+        self.user = user
     def __getitem__(self, rev):
         """Get a Revision object for the revision identifed by rev"""
     def hg_commit(self, message, user=None, files=["."], close_branch=False):
         """Commit changes to the repository."""
-        userspec = "-u" + user if user else ""
+        userspec = "-u" + user if user else "-u" + self.user if self.user else ""
         close = "--close-branch" if close_branch else ""
         self.hg_command("commit", "-m", message, close, 
                         userspec, *files)


     Uses and wipes subfolder named 'test'
     Tests are dependant on each other; named test_<number>_name for sorting
-    repo = hgapi.Repo("./test")
+    repo = hgapi.Repo("./test", user="testuser")
     def setUpClass(cls):