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     name = "hgapi",
-    version = "1.3.1a1",
+    version = "1.3.1a2",
     packages = ['hgapi'],
     test_suite = "hgapi.testhgapi.TestHgAPI",
     author = "Fredrik Håård",
 interface instead of the internal Mercurial API. The rationale for
 this is twofold: the internal API is unstable, and it is GPL.
-hgapi works for Mercurial < 1.9, and will instantly reflect any
-changes to the repository, unlike interfaces based on the
-CommandServer ( It
-also has a really permissive license (do whatever you want, don't
-blame me).
+hgapi works for any version of Mercurial, including  < 1.9, and will 
+instantly reflect any changes to the repository. It also has a really 
+permissive license (do whatever you want, don't blame me).
 For example of code that uses this API, take a look at which now uses hgapi