hg_log: cannot filter by branch

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Anonymous created an issue

I cannot use the API to do execute the equivalent to the following command: hg log -r afd3a00821f5::bafe8f0cb69c -b default

With the **kwargs, the dash cannot be added (I'm kind of a newbie in Python though, so if there is a way, could you add it the usage example)

I would suggest to add a new argument named 'branch' that would add the "-b"

version = 1.3.1a2

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  1. Fredrik Håård repo owner
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    There is a workaround, by passing **{'-b': 'mybranch'} as the last argument to the call, the dict will be unpacked and used as arguments, getting around the syntax error.

    However, and better, a 'branch' argument has now been added and 1.3.1a3 has been uploaded to PyPI.

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