pyrest / pyrest /

from collections import namedtuple
import inspect
import json
Response = namedtuple('response', 'status content')

def get_handlers(package):
    handlers = {}
    for member_name, member in [module for module in inspect.getmembers(package) if inspect.ismodule(module[1])]:
        if [fn for name, fn in inspect.getmembers(member) if name in ('get', 'post', 'put', 'delete')]:
            print("Adding handler %s" % member_name)
            handlers[member_name]  = member
    return handlers

def requesthandler(handlers, method, resource, *pathargs, **kwargs):
    """Main dispatch for calls to PyRest; no framework specific 
    code to be present after this point"""

    if not resource in handlers:
        return Response('404 Not Found', 'No such resource')

    if not  hasattr(handlers[resource], method):
        return Response('405 Method Not Allowed', 'Unsupported method for resource')

    return_data = getattr(handlers[resource], method)(*pathargs, **kwargs)
    return Response('200 OK', json.dumps(return_data))