J Rhodes  committed 47ad7ba

Removed the call to TCOD_sys_load_font to TCOD_sys_set_custom_font to prevent ASCII tables being clobbered by root console initialization (see inline code comment for more details).

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File src/sys_sdl_c.c

 	if ( TCOD_ctx.font_tcod_layout ) TCOD_ctx.font_in_row=true;
-	TCOD_sys_load_font();
+	// This does not need to be done and causes weird effects on 64-bit systems.
+	// I don't know why it only applies to 64-bit, but as far as I can tell, what happens
+	// is that the custom font is set, allocates ASCII tables as intended.  Then when the
+	// root console is initialized, the ASCII tables get reset in TCOD_sys_startup.  That
+	// causes the font to get all weirded up.  However!  After TCOD_sys_startup is called,
+	// it will call TCOD_sys_load_font if the character map is not yet set, so by not
+	// calling this function now, we delay the actual font load until after TCOD_sys_startup
+	// and thus the ASCII tables do not get clobbered by that function call!
+	//TCOD_sys_load_font();
 static void find_resolution() {