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TiDisk-Manager / Roadmap


Thematic overview of features to implement and assignment of them to main version numbers. There exists a detailed roadmap in german language available in the private source code repository.

Version 6.x - HxC/HDD Images:
Perhaps this version will never be made, because I don't neither have any use case nor have any of that devices:
TI-Disk Manager would handle additional disk image formats from hard disk drives and the HxC Floppy Emulator, used with the TI. Since the HFE file format description of the HxC Floppy Emulator is available, it should be easy to implement this additional format.
This will be implemented then (if at all), after all other features are implemented. Eventually I'll implement an import feature for the HxC format, so you'll be able to get and transfer the files onto the TI.

Version 5.x - TI-Remote:
Connection to a real iron TI via serial interface. HDX and SerialBridge will be implemented here. Goal is to „mount“ remote disks.
Will also implement a EPROM burn software for the serial attached ART EPP2 (which I own), so you can easily burn TI Program or GROM files to EPROMs directly from TI-Disk Manager.

Version 4.x - Search functionality:
This release will mainly gets search and filter functionality, creation of lists like „Collections“ or saved searches. So it will be possible to find any kind of file over multiple disk images and store the findings in an Collection.
Changes the UI: Groups in the disk image list (introduced in version 3.x) will be extend for the Collections.

Version 3.x - Abstraction from disks:
Files like archives (TiFILES, ARK Files) or (later with start of version 5) remote disks realized through a HDX-Server connection and (with start of version 4) Collections, etc., will be handled like disk images.
Changes the UI: The list of disk image at the left side will also contain groups of collections of various data sources. So then there will be a list with 3 groups: Disk images, collections and remote data sources.

Version 2.x - Introduction of various file formats:
First public release. Development of different decoder, import/export functionality, preview of various file formats (Text, Basic, Assembler program files, TI-Artist, YAPP, CAD, Fractals), repair and test features, handling of directories and disk image formats from third party manufacturers.

Version 1.x - Internal version:
Primary a prototype than a usable program. Implements basic functions like Copy & Paste, Move, Delete, creating disk images.