sol-photos  -  photos and galleries

Licensed under BSD. (c) Hadar Raz 2009. hadaraz@gmail.com


This is a photo and gallery app for django. It is based on the following

* django-imagekit (image handling)
* sol-transbase (multilingual support for database layer)
* jquery (for admin slider widget and slimbox)
* slimbox (optional - for showing large images on pages)
* simpleviewer (the gallery flash component)

and of-coarse:

* django >= 1.02
* python 2.5.* (may work with other dist., but not tested)


1. Download app and install, or just put 'photos' dir on your path.
2. Copy contents of 'photos/media' dir into your static media dir, lets call
   it 'staticmedia'.
3. Download simpleviewer, and copy 'viewer.swf' to 'staticmedia/images' dir.
4. To use 'swfobject.js' (v1.5) supplied with simpleviewer, copy it to 'staticmedia/images'.
   I recommend on using a newer version, which can be linked directly to swfobject
   library on google (search for it). The 'gallery_detail.html' template shows how to
   embed simpleviewer using the newer swfobject.
5. don't forget to link to whichever 'swfobject.js' you are using!


This app is ready to be managed in django admin. Using the slider widget,
photos can be added/removed to/from a gallery with a single click.
You have an option to upload a set of images into a gallery with a ZIP file.
You can tweak any of the simpleviewer xml options in the admin, or the html
loading options.
See included example project.