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Löve2d with Kinect and Mindstorm NXT 2.0 support.

Forum thread:

It's based on the current love tip (rude/love at bitbucket). 
At the moment the code is linux only, but it should be possible to port it to other systems.
Kinect support is based on libfreenect and nxt2 on a win/linux lib (i don't have a clue if there is mac support).

Current kinect features:
* Cam image
* Depth image
* Set LED status

Current mindstorm nxt 2.0 features:
* Connect via Bluetooth
* Control 1-3 motors
* Receive sensor information

* libfreenect
* libbluetooth
* libusb

* NXT 2.0 is based on
* Kinect code is based on libfreenect (GPL2?)