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Huddersfield Library is an Android app designed for the users of the the Huddersfield University Library. It makes life easier by providing quick and easy access to the library catalog from your Android phone.


With the app you can:

  • Search for books in the library.
  • View & renew your loans.
  • Save interesting books to borrow later.
  • Automatically get reminded when your loans are due back.
  • Have the app automatically renew your loans as needed.


If you're having any issues using the app you can either either send me an email, or report an issue on the app's issue tracker.


Got an idea for an enhancement or new feature? Create a new ticket in the issue tracker. Make sure you choose type "enhancement" or "proposal" not "bug".


I (Hal Blackburn, a Computer Games Programming student at Huddersfield University), developed this app in my final year dissertation project (2010-2011).

I open sourced the app after I finished the project, and this site is the home of the app's source code. As a result, you are free to...

Hack on the Code

If you're a student at Huddersfield University who can program, you are welcome (and encouraged) to fork yourself a copy of the code and add new features, fix bugs etc. Once you've coded something up, send me a pull request and I can release your changes to all the users of the app on the Android Market.

I suggest you contact me to discuss a new feature before you start to make sure we agree on how awesome it is. Even if I don't like it you can release your own version of the app on the Android Market. After all, it's your app, you can do what you like with it! Just remember the code is released under the GPL version 3, so you're required to let your users have a copy of the source code.

Not from Huddersfield University?

If you're from another university or library which uses a Horizon Information Portal for the library web catalog (e.g. the same system as the Huddersfield catalog) then you can fairly easily make a port of the app to work with your library. At a bare minimum, all you should need to do is to change the URL of the catalog in /res/values/constants.xml:28.