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-import autopath
-import package
-import subprocess
-import py, sys
-import shutil
-pypydir = py.path.local(autopath.pypydir)
-builddir = pypydir.join('translator', 'goal')
-VERSION = "1.5.0a0"
-def make_pypy(tag, options):
-    pypy = 'pypy%s' % (tag,)
-    args = [sys.executable,
-         str(builddir.join('')),
-         '--output=' + pypy,
-         ] + options
-    print "Execute", args
-    p = subprocess.Popen(args, cwd=str(builddir))
-    p.wait()
-    zipfile = 'pypy-%s-win32%s' % (VERSION, tag)
-    package.package(pypydir.dirpath(), zipfile, pypy, pypydir)
-shutil.copy(str(pypydir.join('..', '..', 'expat-2.0.1', 'win32', 'bin', 'release', 'libexpat.dll')), str(builddir))
-make_pypy('',            ['-Ojit'])
-make_pypy('-nojit',      ['-O2'])
-#make_pypy('-stackless', [--stackless])
-#make_pypy('-sandbox',   [--sandbox])
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