hammurabi README

(version X.02)

hammurabi is an open-source (GNU General Public License v3) HEALPix-based tool for simulating full-sky Galactic foreground observables. Outputs of hammurabi include:

  • polarized synchrotron emission
  • thermal dust emission [in progress]
  • dispersion measure
  • Faraday depth

Essential physical inputs/modelings required during simulation include:

  • Galactic magnetic fields
  • dust distribution
  • (cosmic-ray/thermal) electron distribution

hammurabi is a modular C++ framework which is friendly to user defined models. In version X, we mainly focus on improving its numerical reliablility and scalability.

Please check our WIKI PAGE for more detailed technical information.

Original hammurabi source code can be found here.

Please cite the original Waelkens et al. (2009) paper if you use hammurabi.


bug reports and code contributions are warmly welcomed, feel free to contact

version info:

update X.02

  • in EARLY release
  • thermal dust emission not implemented yet
  • free-free absorption removed
  • independent vector module: hvec.h
  • (crude) python wrapper: hampyx

version X.01

Currently we are in TESTING release, with limited amount of features available. Not all modelings have been thoroughly cross-checked with original hammurabi!