"Label" is not supported on LinodeCommand for 'update' action

Issue #2 resolved
Nils Luxton created an issue

The LinodeCommand is a little too restrictive in what it allows as valid parameters. For my use case, I need to be able to label Linodes with particular names, but the LinodeCommand doesn't support the 'label' parameter which can be used by the 'update' action.

I cloned the project in order to add this myself, but there's a failing test in Hampel\Linode\LinodeServiceTest::testNoDataReturned and I don't have time at the moment to diagnose and fix this before adding new functionality, so I've created this bug report for now. If I get time in the future, I'll take a proper look.

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  1. Simon Hampel repo owner

    ahh - I see what you mean, there's a heap of additional parameters allowed for the update command which aren't catered for by the class

  2. Simon Hampel repo owner

    Can you give more details about the failing test? My unit tests are passing right now.

    Perhaps create a new issue for that if there is an issue?

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