Hampel Twitter ============== A Twitter API wrapper using Guzzle By [Simon Hampel]( Installation ------------ The recommended way of installing Hampel Twitter is through [Composer]( { "require": { "hampel/twitter": "dev-master" } } Usage ----- <?php use Hampel\Twitter\Service\TwitterConfig; use Hampel\Twitter\Service\TwitterService; use Hampel\Twitter\Command\Statuses; $config = new TwitterConfig(); $config->set("consumer key", "consumer secret", "token ", "token secret"); $oauth = new Guzzle\Plugin\Oauth\OauthPlugin($config->getOauthParamArray()); $client = new Guzzle\Http\Client(); $twitter = new TwitterService($client, $oauth); $twitter->init(); $application = new Application($twitter); $data = $application->getRateLimit('application'); var_dump($data); $statuses = new Statuses($twitter); $data = $statuses->getUserTimeline(0, "twitterapi", "", 2); var_dump($data); $data = $statuses->getEarliestStatusId(0, "twitterapi"); var_dump($data); $data = $statuses->getAllStatuses(0, "twitterapi"); var_dump(count($data)); $users = new Users($twitter); $data = $users->getShowUser(0, "twitterapi"); var_dump($data); $data = $users->postLookupUsersByUserId(array('6253282', '783214')); var_dump($data); $data = $users->postLookupUsersByScreenName(array('twitterapi', 'twitter')); var_dump(@data); ?> Notes ----- Currently only application/rate_limit_status, statuses/user_timeline, users/show and users/lookup have been implemented. TODO: implement more API calls! Unit Testing ------------ Rename phpunit.xml.dist to phpunit.xml to set up unit testing, configure your Oauth parameters in the php section: <php> <const name="CONSUMER_KEY" value="consumer key goes here" /> <const name="CONSUMER_SECRET" value="consumer secret goes here" /> <const name="TOKEN" value="token goes here" /> <const name="TOKEN_SECRET" value="token secret goes here" /> </php> To run mock tests only and ignore network tests, run: phpunit --exclude-group network