Ned Batchelder committed 2adfe36

C can't do single-quoted strings, so we have to convert them to double-quoted.

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+    def escape_quotes(m):
+        """Used in a regex to properly escape double quotes."""
+        s =
+        if s == '"':
+            return r'\"'
+        else:
+            return s
     lexer = JsLexer()
     c = []
     for name, tok in lexer.lex(js):
             # C doesn't grok regexes, and they aren't needed for gettext,
             # so just output a string instead.
             tok = '"REGEX"';
+        elif name == 'string':
+            # C doesn't have single-quoted strings, so make all strings
+            # double-quoted.
+            if tok.startswith("'"):
+                guts = re.sub(r"\\.|.", escape_quotes, tok[1:-1])
+                tok = '"' + guts + '"'
     return ''.join(c)
 s = "Hello \"th/foo/ere\"";
 s = 'He\x23llo \'th/foo/ere\'';
+s = 'slash quote \", just quote "';
 s = "Hello \"th/foo/ere\"";
-s = 'He\x23llo \'th/foo/ere\'';
+s = "He\x23llo \'th/foo/ere\'";
+s = "slash quote \", just quote \"";
 s = "Line continuation\
 continued /hello/ still the string";/hello/;
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