Ned Batchelder committed 8451e2a

A few simple tweaks.

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 def literals(choices):
     """Create a regex from a space-separated list of literal `choices`."""
-    return "|".join([re.escape(c) for c in choices.split()])
+    return "|".join(re.escape(c) for c in choices.split())
 class Lexer(object):
     """A generic multi-state regex-based lexer."""
                 groupid = "t%d" %
                 self.toks[groupid] = tok
                 parts.append("(?P<%s>%s)" % (groupid, tok.regex))
-            self.regexes[state] = re.compile("|".join(parts), re.MULTILINE+re.VERBOSE)
+            self.regexes[state] = re.compile("|".join(parts), re.MULTILINE|re.VERBOSE)
         self.state = first
     # Details of Javascript lexical structure are taken from
+    # A useful explanation of automatic semicolon insertion is at
+    #
     both_before = [
         Tok("comment",      r"/\*(.|\n)*?\*/"),
         Tok("linecomment",  r"//.*?$"),
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