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Bug fixes for the ctd tool

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 close FH or die "Couldn't close $in, $!\n";
-my $url = '';
-#my $url = '';
+my $url = '';
+#my $url = '';
 my $d = join("\n", @data);
 #list maintains order, where hash doesn't
 #order matters at ctd


        <when value="genes">
           <!-- do nothing -->
-       <when value="pathways">
+       <when value="pathways_inferred">
           <!-- do nothing -->
-       <when value="pathways_curated">
-          <!-- do nothing -->
-       </when>
-       <when value="pathways_inferred">
+       <when value="pathways_enriched">
           <!-- do nothing -->
        <when value="diseases">
 start with '-' are a subset of a choice above them; you can chose
 either the general interaction type or a more specific one.
-Home page:
+Home page:
 .. _tabular: ./static/formatHelp.html#tab
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